Academic Programs Development Unit

Academic Programs Development Unit Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Develop, and audit academic policies and procedures related to curriculum & program development.
  • Follow up the introduction of new programs.
  • Provide information, feedback and support about curriculum & program development.
  • Conduct program audit for all eligible programs.
  • Provides feedback and recommendations to college council.
  • Prepare all programs for national/international accreditation.

Unit members

Dr. Suzan Salah Aldeen Alhaj

Ms. Nour Barazi

Ms. Alanoud Al Harbi

Dr. Samaa Badawi

Dr. Hassan Mousa

Ms. Rabia Sohail

Ms.Sharifa Theeban

Dr. Lamya Alsaadi

Dr. Ehab AbouBAkr

Dr. Wafaa ElKassed