Administrative Affairs

Administrative Affairs Department

Since the establishment of Jeddah International College, Administrative Affairs Department has served as the institution’s backbone, addressing all administrative concerns through comprehensive leadership, planning, development, monitoring, follow-up, and supervision.

Committed to excellence, the Administrative Affairs Department strives to enhance and develop the performance of college staff continuously. This is achieved by implementing clear and streamlined administrative policies and systems, adhering to best practices within established quality standards. Moreover, the department fosters a conducive environment for providing efficient financial and administrative services to all staff. This is accomplished by optimizing administrative activities, clearly defining roles, streamlining processes, and establishing effective work models for general management and all related departments.

Furthermore, the Administrative Affairs department embraces teamwork values and leverages the power of information and communication technology throughout its operations. As an integral element of the ‘college’s comprehensive strategic plan, the department plays a crucial role in propelling Jeddah International College towards sustained success.


Support the goals and objectives of College, and promote a safe, healthy, professional work environment to raise the performance and job satisfaction for employees.


  • Monitor the needs of all departments and ensure their prompt and timely fulfilment.
  • Safeguard and optimize the utilization of the college's assets and properties.
  • Ensure the recruitment of highly qualified academic and administrative staff.
  • Operate the first aid clinic and provide necessary services.
  • Developed human resources systems, implemented an ERP system, and worked on data automation.
  • Guarantee the provision of high-quality internet service benefiting all stakeholders.
  • Ensure compliance with relevant official systems and authorities, including automating employment contracts through Qiwa platform.
  • Ensure employee satisfaction by providing flexibility in work hours.
  • Sign agreements offering financial services to meet the financial needs of staff.
  • Provide necessary tools to maintain personal property, such as surveillance cameras and safety measures, in all locations to ensure everyone's safety.
  • Continuously update devices and computer programs necessary for education.

Administrative Affairs Department

The Organizational Structure


  • Mr. Muataz Al-Thaqafi

  • Ms. Rafah Shafi

  • Ms. Heyam Hasan

  • Mr. Mohamad Asiri

  • Mr. Moath Althbaiti

  • Mr. Sultan Hasanain

  • Ms. Roua Abu Khaisha

  • Mr. Ebrahim Barakat

  • Ms. Nuha Al Sulaiman

  • Ms. Jehan Feda

  • Ms. Nawal Alotaibi

  • Ms. Amani ALmazmomi

  • Ms. Eman Almazmoumi