Design Department provides learning experiences that foster creative leadership. Through innovative and comprehensive curricula and experiences, exceptional professors and state-of-the-art facilities create an environment that cultivates an optimal educational experience in each field of undergraduate and graduate study. The department seeks to engage its students in the practice of design-thinking and visualization to create innovative design solutions that respond to human needs and improve the quality of life in Saudi Arabia.


The Design Program aims to foster creativity and equip design students with theoretical, practical, and technical skills. Empower graduates to cope with the design market requirement and serve the community.


Graphic Design

Interior Design

Digital Media Design

Faculty members

dr.Karima Hemida

Head of Designs

Dr.Ahmed Tohlob

Faculty Member

Ms. Sarah Eskandarani

Faculty Member

Ms. Marya Bakhsh

Faculty Member

Mr. Mamdouh Sajer

Faculty Member

Dr. Abdul Nasser Ashour

Faculty Member

Mr. Rui Weiner

Faculty Member

Dr. Ahmed Hammad

Head of General Courses

Mr. Abdulelah Bukhari

Faculty Member

dr.Abeer Qara

Faculty Member

Ms. Deema Meisha

Faculty Member

Ms. Maram Malaikah

Faculty Member

Ms. Mona Aljedaani

Faculty Member

Ms. Swmaih Almarashi

Faculty Member

PhD.Eman Ahmed

Faculty Member

Ms. Ahad Alkhaldi

Faculty Member

Ms.Merve Muhammet

Faculty Member

Ms.Fatima Baydoun

Faculty Member

Ms.Samaa Badawi

Faculty Member

Ms.Lujain Jamalallail

Faculty Member

Ms.Duha Kurde

Faculty Member

Ms.Sharifa Theeban

Faculty Member

Credit hours:

134 hours

Study language:



4 years

Average fees for 15 credit hours per semester:

26250 SR 

Tuition fees:

1750 SR / HOUR

Mode Of Study:


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