Student activities unit

Student Affairs Activity is under the umbrella of the Student Affairs Department. The student activities unit plays an important role in community building, introducing students to fundamental leadership concepts and skills in a highly interactive way by linking in-class and out-of-class learning’s that allow them to gain new information about themselves, group processes, and leadership skills.


Enhancing the quality of college’s campus life and provide a platform for students to discover and engage their strengths, talents, and passions to support and encourage student’s welfare and development. In addition to bring the campus to life through fun and diverse opportunities outside the classroom.


  • Motivating students to participate in student activities and involve them in the college community
  • Develop a calendar for curricular and extracurricular activities and field trips to enhance their knowledge on the subject via entertainment with education
  • Create student clubs to help practice their hobbies and gain soft skills.
  • Provide a suitable and a healthy environment for students to manage their well-being in and outside of college campus.
  • Linking students to their community and confirming their belonging to their culture.

Student Council

Youssef Azouz

Marketing and International Business Administration

Haya Tahir

Marketing and International Business Administration
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