Phytochemicals against COVID -19, Pharmacological Perspectives: A Systematic Review.

Researcher: Ms. Sharifa Theeban


Background: Many publications discussed the potential role of medicinal plants in the management of COVID-19. However, clinical studies of the efficacy and safety of specified phytochemical(s) are limited.
Objectives: To explore the pharmacological profile of specified compounds against COVID-19
Method: Systematic literature search of academic databases to explore specified phytochemicals for the management of COVID-19 using appropriate search terms. Rayyan software was used to organize 786 citations of which. 236 articles were included in this review.
Results: Initially 70 compounds were identified to have a potential role in the management of COVID-19. In this review, 18 compounds were selected for further search
Conclusion: In vitro anti-SARS-CoV-2activity has been demonstrated for a variety of natural compounds. However, preclinical research for most phytochemicals is scarce, and only a few compounds have been evaluated in clinical trials against COVID-19. A comprehensive pharmacological profile of these phytochemicals is urgently needed.