Master of Business Administration


This MBA program runs under the umbrella of the ministry of education and is uniquely designed according to the international standards of global universities to have better insights and value. It helps students explore new and creative ideas with a dynamic and innovative education. The MBA curriculum uses a group of experiential courses that will necessitate students to implement their knowledge and experience to real-world case studies or initiate new ventures. This sort of case-studies learning and scientific research will be complemented by using a group of guest speakers and mentors. It is offered for private and public industries to enhance their performance in terms of profits and community support in adherence to vision 2030.


Our vision of the MBA program is to pioneer and develop business leaders in alignment with the optimal academic high-quality learning outcomes and extensive scientific research approach.


Our mission is to prepare and develop best-quality postgraduates and global leaders trained to meet the obstacles and opportunities of the Saudi market by delivering a rich learning academic environment presenting opportunities for self-discovery.


  • Educate students and provide them with new information in the functional areas required by the Saudi and global labour market.
  • Improve the administrative and analytical skills and capabilities of the graduate students.
  • Develop communication and leadership skills to work and interact in light of business institutions indicators and stay up to date with change.
  • Motivate students and develop them through research and practical cases to meet the challenges of complex business environments.

Program outcomes

JIC will contribute to developing students’ entrepreneurial attitudes in a supportive environment and offer the necessary skills to compete in a technology-driven business world with the latest techniques of leadership and management and the optimal academic resources and scientific research to generate highly creative graduates with the best decision-making skills under change management and globalisation. 

The graduate of this program will also be able to:

  • Attain one of the highest paying management jobs
  • Improve their scientific research skills
  • Enhance decision making and problem-solving skills
  • Master the analysis of practical case studies locally and globally
  • Deal professionally with the latest technologies and software in different managerial fields
  • Analyse and solve administrative constraints under the current conditions of global economies

Study time

Day Time
Thursday From 5 pm to 9 pm
Friday From 2 pm to 6 pm
Saturday From 9 am to 6 pm

Credit hours:

36 hours

Study Language:

Arabic OR English


Two Years, 4 Semesters

Tuition Fees:

2300 SR / HOUR

Total or 36 hours:

82,800 SR

Mode Of Study:

Blended learning

Contact Information:


920033424 – 1106

[email protected]

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