Community partnership department

The Community Partnership Department works to promote an interactive and mutual culture of the concept of community partnership and community service among college employees, community institutions, and members of the local community, and to create communication channels whose mission is to interact with the community sectors and provide services in a way that ensures full benefit in community development and profitable partnerships . By conducting a survey of the local community to determine its most important needs, and developing and approving the plan on which community partnerships are based, to conclude agreements with community institutions and start implementing them, and following up on the progress of activities according to the approved plan and updating them in line with community changes.


Promoting effective community partnerships and awareness among students and all college employees to make a strong relationship between the college and all segments of society to awareness and enhance the concept of leadership and entrepreneurship among its members by enhancing channels of cooperation and partnership with relevant authorities by providing a stimulating environment and using educational facilities in the college

The goals

The goals of the Community Partnership Department have been set in support of achieving the vision of the college. The department has set these goals in line with the strategic goals of the college as it aims to:

  • Enhancing the culture of community partnership
  • Agreement with different sectors of society in community partnership
  • Motivating faculty members and administrators to participate in community partnership activities
  • Motivate students to participate in community partnership activities
To Contact
Ms. Rawabi Abunar

Building 2 – Community Partnership Department

  92003342 – 2203

[email protected]

Administrative Supervisor
Ms. Omnyah Aldossari

  Building 2 -Public Relations Office 

  92003342 – 1361 

[email protected]

Community service supervisor
Ms. Ashwaq Alqarni

  Building 2 -Public Relations Office


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