Admission and Registration

Admission and Registration

The Admission and Registration Department at Jeddah International College is considered one of the most important departments. Its importance stems from the responsibilities entrusted to it, as it is the point from which the students begin their academic journey in college until graduation.

In the Admissions and Registration Department, we provide information and facilitate access to it and provide services to our students professionally and in a manner that befitting the name of the college.


  • Implementing the policies related to student admission, registration, transfer of credit hours, and graduation
  • Preparing the courses schedule for each semester in cooperation with the college departments
  • Registering courses for the students in cooperation with the academic advisors and managing the add and drop operations at the beginning of each semester
  • Preparing the final exams schedule
  • Monitoring the grades entry process and announcing the results at the end of each semester
  • Following up on various student transactions such as withdrawal from courses and changing major
  • Issuing the students with the necessary documents such as transcripts, acknowledgement letters, and others
  • Providing the various departments with the needed information, reports and statistics
  • Receiving the documents of the transferred or bridging students and following them up with the college departments to approve the courses equivalency and the transfer of credit hours
  • Auditing the students’ completion of graduation requirements and issuing graduation certificates and official transcripts
  • Cooperating with the various departments of the college in following up on the students’ academic progress through controlling and providing the proper academic advising process
  • Preparing the academic calendar for each academic year
  • Cooperating with the concerned departments in the college to raise the efficiency of admission and registration processes and facilitate them for students
  • Participating actively in the graduation ceremony of the college students

Contact Info


Admissions and Registration Dept:

Blue Building – Ground Floor



Sunday – Thursday
9:00A.M. – 4:00P.M.





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