Graduate Admissions

Graduate Admissions

Jeddah International College offers a Master in Business Administration.

Admission is carried out according to the specified regulations.

Admission and registration procedures
  1. Complete the online application on the college website.
  2. Submit the required documents at the Postgraduate Studies Department.
  3. Pay a nonrefundable application fee of SR 1000
  4. Passing the Postgraduate Studies Department interview.
  5. Receive the admission results.
  6. Pay the tuition fees
  7. Receive the user name and password for the portal and the college email.
  8. Register the courses through the portal.
  9. Start attend the classes.
  1. The applicant must have a university degree from a Saudi university or another recognised university (for all disciplines). If the applicant holds a qualification from outside Saudi Arabia, the qualification will be accepted if the following is met: The university granting the qualification is accredited by the Ministry of Education. The qualification must be equivalent from the Ministry of Education for Saudis. For non-Saudis, it is sufficient that their documents be certified by the Saudi Embassy in the country granting the qualification.
  2. The student obtains a grade of “very good” at least at the undergraduate level, and the Council of the Graduate Studies Unit may accept those who have a grade of “highly good” at least as a student’s average of “very good” in the specialisation courses for the undergraduate level.
  3. The Postgraduate Studies department may stipulate that to accept the student in the two-year master’s program; he must pass a number of supplementary courses from a previous stage. Pre-master courses are not included in the calculation of the cumulative average for the postgraduate stage or the period specified for obtaining the degree.
  4. It is required for admission to obtain a score of (500) in the English language test (TOEFL) or an average of 5 in IELTS or (83) in Step or taking the JIC English Placement test. The validity of the test is two years.
  5. Passing the Postgraduate Studies Department interview
  1. Complete the online application on the college website.
  2. Copy of Bachelor’s Degree Certificate or equivalent (original to verify)
  3. English test verification
  4. Copy of the CV
  5. Two recent personal photos size 4 x 6 cm
  6. Copy of National ID or Family card or Iqama (original to verify)
  7. Copy of the Official transcript (original to verify)
Discounts *
Discount for graduates of Jeddah International College
The College grants a limited number of its bachelor graduates (who aren’t benefitting of any other discounts) who graduated within less than 3 years a special discount to encourage them to complete their scientific career in the executive master's programme (not including file opening fees, English placement test or supplementary material fees) as follows:
  • 15% discount for graduates with a GPA higher than 4.8.
  • 25% discount for graduates with a GPA higher than 4.9
Groups Discount
The College grants group discounts to public and private sector employees under an agreement signed with the College; (If the relationship between the group members is established), the discount shall not apply to file opening fees, English placement test or supplementary material fees. The discount will continue throughout the study period as long as the minimum number in the program is regular, which is as follows:
  • 5 to 15 students (5%) each, and the discount is applicable as long as at least 5 students continue.
  • 16 students and more (7%) each, and the discount is applicable as long as at least 11 students continue.
Discount of payment of all program fees in advance

The College grants the student who’s not benefitting of any other discounts a discount of (5%) in case of payment of the full Master’s program fee in advance which are (12) courses. The discount is not applied to the file opening fee, the English placement test, or the supplementary materials’ fees.

* Terms and conditions apply

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