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Conferences and exhibitions are essential pillars in establishing academic and cultural life in colleges, as they enhance communication between academic staff, students, and the academic community. They are an important platform for developing skills and expanding the horizons of knowledge, and they represent a golden opportunity to promote education, research, and cultural development. Jeddah International College organizes such events to enhance cultural and academic interaction, provide a conducive environment for knowledge exchange, and promote communication between segments of the academic community. These events contribute significantly to enriching academic and cultural life in the college.

Conferences and events play a vital role in enhancing the academic and cultural life at the college.

  • Enhancing academic interaction.
  • Enhancing cultural interaction.
  • Providing a platform for knowledge exchange.

JIC 1st ICAISC 2023

The First International Conference on Advanced Innovations in Global Smart Cities, in collaboration with King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, aimed to bring together professionals, scientists, engineers, educators, researchers, and students from around the world/Kingdom to exchange their scientific ideas on all aspects of smart city technologies.



Jeddah International College

Jeddah International College + IEEE

The Innovation and Evolution Exhibition for Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence

The Innovation and Evolution Exhibition for Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence aims to showcase and highlight new technologies, projects, and innovative solutions in the field of cybersecurity and artificial intelligence that enhance the ability to detect and resolve issues. Additionally, it seeks to promote technical awareness, education, knowledge exchange, networking, and collaboration to share experiences among students and faculty members. Moreover, it aims to prepare students to present their projects and ideas, as well as to equip them for investment presentations and partnerships in the job market.


 Jeddah International College – Building 1

 Computer Science and Information Technology Department

Pattern - نمط

Jeddah International College organized an exhibition for the final-year students from the Graphic Design and Interior Design programs. This year, 56 students participated in the exhibition, showcasing a diverse range of projects that reflect the students’ interests and skills. The exhibition aims to demonstrate the students’ abilities and creativity in design, providing them with a platform to showcase their work to the public and potential employers.


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Designs Department

Simply Complicated - ببساطة معقد

Jeddah International College celebrated the graduation of the fifth batch of students from the Design Department in an exhibition titled ‘Simply Complex.’ The event was attended by the Cultural and Arts Association, the Saudi Society for Sciences and Urbanism, as well as several prominent figures in the field of design, along with invitees and families of the graduating students. 


Jeddah International College

Designs Department

Re-view, Re-define

Jeddah International College organized a unique opportunity for students to explore and reimagine the realms of art. The exhibition aimed to reconsider and redefine contemporary art concepts, serving as a platform to delve into the connection between art, society, and daily life. It showcased artworks that challenged assumptions and traditional patterns, encouraging contemplation of art and culture through innovative and diverse approaches. Undoubtedly, this exhibition offered an experience that sparked curiosity and opened new horizons in understanding art and its meanings.


Effect Gallery

Designs Section