The Alumni Unit is an institutional framework that takes into account and supports the affairs of the college graduates, in line with the college’s mission to prepare and graduate qualified students who can meet the needs of the local labour market and the desired development requirements in the local community. The unit seeks to follow up on graduates by building a strong and effective relationship between the graduates themselves and between the college and the community, and it aims to establish distinguished and continuous relationships between graduates and the college.

The unit supports the quality, skill and reliability of college graduates. The Alumni Unit achieves this through communications, training programs, and scientific research in which the graduates and faculty members in the college participate. The Alumni Unit also achieves these goals by innovating renewable means that help accomplish the mission and continue the college’s success and progress. Distinguished services are also provided to graduates and contribute to their involvement in attending the various activities in the college (lectures, seminars, and conferences) to create effective communication that supports a sense of belonging to the college to make the most of the development of the necessary skills that help in obtaining career opportunities.

The Mission

Qualifying graduates to integrate into the labour market by establishing various programs and courses, strengthening the relationship with the graduates, following up on their development, engaging them in the college’s activities that support communication with the community, developing their sense of belonging, and providing them with all possible services.

JIC Graduate attributes

  1. Extensive knowledge in the field of Specialization.
  2. Effective communication skills (verbal, written, and technology).
  3. Positivity and commitment to work ethic.
  4. Digital, IT, and language skills.
  5. Teamwork, leadership, and decision-making skills.
  6. Social responsibility (Citizenship and community service)