The Alumni Affairs Unit is responsible for monitoring graduates and providing services to them. This unit aims to build strong relationships between graduates, the college, and the community, enhance the quality and skills of college graduates, and establish credibility. It is a fundamental unit within the college that supports alumni affairs and works diligently to achieve its goals through a range of tasks and activities that benefit graduates.

The Mission

Qualifying graduates to integrate into the labour market by establishing various programs and courses, strengthening the relationship with the graduates, following up on their development, engaging them in the college’s activities that support communication with the community, developing their sense of belonging, and providing them with all possible services.


The Alumni Affairs Unit at Jeddah International College aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • To monitor graduates by building a strong and effective relationship between them, the college, and the community.
  • To establish distinguished and continuous relationships between graduates and the college.
  • Support the quality, skills, and employability of the college's graduates.

JIC Graduate attributes

  • Extensive knowledge in the field of Specialization.
  • Effective communication skills (verbal, written, and technology).
  • Positivity and commitment to work ethic.
  • Digital, IT, and language skills.
  • Teamwork, leadership, and decision-making skills.
  • Social responsibility (Citizenship and community service)

Graduates Directory

Alumni Unit
Rawan aljuhani

  Building 3

92003342 – 1332 / 0536662795

[email protected]

Cooperative Training Unit
Attif shouib

  Building 2

92003342 – 1201

[email protected]