Graphic Design


Enrolments in Design programs throughout the Kingdom grew intensely in the last decade and Design Communication, Digital Media and Motion Graphics specializations are in high demand in the local industry.The goal of graphic design program at JIC is to meet the national and international expectations of the academic field and professional area. To graduate communication designers who can contribute effectively to the future of society and the wider world, within the discipline and beyond.The purpose is to develop critical research skills and independent learning through the exploration of design processes in social and historical contexts. In addition, prepare students for the job market by developing their intellectual, problem – solving, practical skills.


  • K1: Identify design elements, principles, and theories of Design.
  • K2: Investigate a systematic context of the various theoretical, historical, cultural dimensions and impacting on design practice
  • S1: Implement design thinking process, design decision-making, and the factors that affect the design solution
  • S2: Design effective ideas using a range of approaches to solving visual design problems
  • S3: Plan design work for a professional audience
  • S4: Communicate effectively in a variety of professional contexts.
  • V1: Enhance independent judgment, self-reliance, and the ability to work cooperatively with others.
  • V2: Demonstrate responsibility with regard to time management and other professional or entrepreneurial skills.


Graphic designer
Multimedia designer
Creative director
Infographic designer
web designer
Packaging designer
User Interface, UX Designer
Exhibition values
Exhibition designer
video editor
photo editor
Brand designer
Animation designer
2D and 3D animation
Art Director
New media editor
font designer
Print designer
Social media designer


  1. The student must have obtained at least 65% in the high school certificate or its equivalent
  2. The Certificate Equivalency Letter from the Ministry of Education must be provided in case the student obtained a high school certificate from outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  3. The student must not be registered in another university or college.
  4. The student must pass the English placement test and any other tests determined by the college as one of the admission requirements.
  5. The student must be medically fit.


Credit Hours:

134 hours

Study Language:



4 years

Average fees for 15 credit hours per semester:

26250 SR 

Tuition Fees:

1750 SR / HOUR

Mode Of Study:


Mode Of Learning:

Theoretical and Practical

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