Academic Advising Unit

Objectives of Academic Advising Unit

  • Preparing new students to adapt to university life through advising and orientation programs to introduce the college and its departments and how the student can obtain advising services through an introductory week and specialized courses held during the academic year.
  • Helping the student to choose the appropriate specialization according to their capabilities, scientific interests, and the needs of the labor market
  • They are paying attention to talented and talented students, motivating them and encouraging them to achieve further, and directing them towards investing their abilities and potential in areas that suit their academic inclinations and interests.
  • Follow up students who are academically stumbling, help them solve academic problems, and provide advice in acquiring the necessary skills to increase their academic achievement.
  • Helping students with special needs achieve the highest levels of psychological and social adjustment and academic achievement during their university life.
  • Spreading awareness of academic regulations among students.

Duties and responsibilities of the Academic Advising Unit

  1. Follow up on the college’s plan in implementing the academic advising system with the academic departments.
  2. Deepening awareness of the academic advising systems and regulations and reviewing the work plan by holding academic advising seminars every semester with faculty members and department advisors to review the instructions.
  3. Supervising the academic advisors and receiving and studying the cases submitted to him/her by the academic advisors of the departments.
  4. Directing academic advisors to identify outstanding students to encourage them and defaulting students to find out the causes of stumbling and help them find appropriate solutions.
  5. Coordinating and supervising the course registration process for new students with the Admission and Registration and the academic advisors.
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