Academic Affairs Department

Academic Affairs Department

It is responsible for developing and organizing academic programs and academic processes, and providing academic support to students. This administration is one of the most important departments in the college, as it contributes to providing distinguished services to students and ensuring the quality of academic programs and achieving the college’s vision and mission.


The mission of the Academic Affairs is to provide distinguished academic programs for all segments of society that are compatible with development plans and meet the needs of the labor market through a stimulating learning environment.


The goals of the Academic Affairs department were set in support of achieving the college’s vision. The administration has set these goals in line with the college’s strategic goals, which aim to:

  • Support the quality of current and new academic programs.
  • Ensure the participation of all students in a variety of high-impact educational activities.
  • Enhance cooperation between the Academic Affairs and other entities.
  • Support students in academic achievement.


The Academic Affairs Department seeks to achieve its objectives through the determined efforts of the following units:
Teaching and learning
Academic Programs Development
Schedules & Exams
Learning and resources e-learning

Academic Affairs


Dr. Ahmed Hammad

Building 1 – Dr. Ahmed Hammad Office


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