Academic Affairs Department

Academic Affairs Department

The Academic Affairs administration is responsible for the development of academic programs and providing academic support to academic staff and students. This administration is one of the most crucial departments in the college, contributing to delivering distinctive services to academic staff and students and also ensuring the quality of academic programs, aligning with the college’s vision and mission.


Providing distinguished academic programs for all segments of society aligned with the mission of Jeddah international college that are compatible with development plans and that meet the needs of the labor market through a stimulating educational environment and benefit from it in achieving social and economic development.


The academic affairs goals at Jeddah International College are focused on implementing the approved study system and the policies and the executive rules, through its employees, departments, and units. The main goals are:

  • Provide all types of academic support to academic staff and students.
  • Implementing the approved study system and the policies and the executive rules
  • Support the quality of existing and new academic programs
  • Active communication with scientific research administration and academic departments to achieve leadership and excellence.
  • Make sure all students participate in learning activities.

Duties and responsibilities of academic affairs

  • Apply regulations, procedures, and the study and exam regulations for the bachelor’s level.
  • Coordination with the academic departments and the administration of the Admission and Registration to facilitate the procedures related to the tasks of academic affairs and follow-up registration of courses for the students.
  • Coordination with the academic departments in preparing the semester schedules and following up their implementation by the schedules and exam unit.
  • Supervising the academic advising process for students in coordination with the academic advising unit.
  • Reviewing the equivalencies of transferred and re-enrolled students at the beginning of each semester and supervising the internal transfers between departments.
  • Coordination with the exam unit and departments regarding setting final exam schedules.
  • Ensure the availability of learning and e-learning resources in the college in coordination with the Learning Resources and E-learning Unit.
  • Follow-up academic program development and professional support of the academic staff in coordination with the academic program development unit and teaching and learning unit.


The Academic Affairs Department seeks to achieve its objectives through the determined efforts of the following units:

The Organizational Structure


Teaching And Learning Development Unit
Learning Resources & E-Learning Unit
Academic Programs Development Unit
Academic Advising Unit
Schedules And Exam Unit

Academic Affairs


Dr. Ahmed Hammad