Information Technology Department

Information Technology Department

Information technology management operations constitute an essential aspect of the college’s organizational processes. It is one of the main priorities of the college administration for the knowledge and technical progress witnessed by the whole world, and highlighting several modern global trends in education, the most important of which is the trend towards e-learning applications and distance education, which makes the college adopt the latest technical means in education, aspiring for excellence and improving the level of academic performance to consolidate the values, goals, policies and strategies of the college.
The Information Technology Department works to develop the information technology infrastructure to keep pace with the latest technologies, which are characterized by a high level of quality, security, and reliability, and to support educational operations by providing, operating, and maintaining educational systems. It is keen to make them available to all users easily and safely. The administration works to build professional relationships and smart partnerships with specialized agencies in the field of information technology to exchange experiences and develop the information technology environment in the college.


Providing distinguished technical services and effective technical support to all administrative and academic units of the college in a way that enhances the development of the educational process and the strengthening of the electronic infrastructure of the college.


The Department has established these objectives aligned with the strategic goals of the college:

  • Providing technical solutions that contribute to raising performance and ensuring fast communication between the various faculties and departments of the college through the advanced local network.
  • Providing electronic solutions and technical studies and providing training services in the fields of information technology within the college.
  • Employing information technology to support all college activities
  • Providing a secure information system that complies with the standards of electronic systems to support decision-making and to provide distinguished electronic services.

Information Technology Department Units:

The Organizational Structure

Unit members

Eng. Omar Alheraki

Information Security & Servers Unit

ENG. Muammar Alshaer

Infrastructure Unit

Ms. Doha Nsour

Applications and Systems Unit

Mr. Adil Malik


Mr. Hassan Magharbil


Ms. Farah Bukhari

Data Unit

Eng. Rafat Elaidy

IT Service

Ms. Tahani Fallatah


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