College facilities

Sports Activity Halls

Sports activities have special areas in each section, basketball and volleyball games for the female and male sections, futsal for the male section and other group games. Some other activities include strength games, table tennis and various recreational games.

The College Theater

It was established on an area of 700 square meters and is equipped as a pioneering monument in receiving all cultural and scientific activities, including theatrical and audio-visual ones, and has the capacity for receiving all seminars, whether from inside or outside the college.

Medical Clinic

Health safety is a priority; thus, a special clinic has been prepared to receive emergency first aid cases that may occur with any of the college members. If necessary, the clinic will transfer the case to one of the health centres with which it has concluded an agreement.

Facilities for People with Special Needs

Jeddah International College did not forget its role towards this segment of society, so it worked to provide the college with some facilities that would help them if they were among us so that they could have a role in practising their lives normally, such as parking lots, ramps, elevators, and wheelchairs.


The college provides a mosque on the ground floor of the male section and another on the first floor of the female section to perform prayers.

Outdoor Parking

The extension of the college buildings over a wide geographical area led to the availability of sufficient parking spaces.

Outdoor Areas

Artificial and natural green spaces have been created to provide a healthy environment and an outlet for the college community that combines relaxation and tranquillity.

Storage Units

We have provided a set of lockers for students to store and keep their belongings.

Cafeteria and Lounges

This cafeteria is entrusted to a body specialized in this line of work and has a reputation in the field of serving meals and drinks. As the college management wishes to offer the best for its members, it has also provided lounges for students to rest, have their meals and practice recreational activities inside their study headquarters.