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Postgraduate & Scientific Research Dept

Jeddah International College believes that achieving its mission of providing distinguished academic programs and producing solid scientific research is considered an essential axis in establishing the landmarks of its scientific renaissance, building its academic future, and determining its location on the map of higher education institutions. Therefore, the college established the Graduate Studies and Scientific Research Administration to oversee the development of graduate programs to meet the needs of the labour market and create the appropriate environment for them, in addition to enhancing the methodology of scientific research management and providing a stimulating environment for it to ensure the quality of the outputs of the scientific research system, and improving the scientific publication of research papers in international journals with impact factor, and investing the qualified human resources that the college is rich in and employing the knowledge and research wealth that it possesses to contribute to the civilizational development of society and achieve the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.
In order to achieve the mission of Jeddah International College,obtain a distinguished position in the global ranking,enhance its scientific reputation and elevate its image in academic circles and public awareness, the Graduate Studies and Scientific Research Administration at the college works to raise the competitive ability of its graduates, participate positively in international scientific forums and conferences, increase the rate of publication of research papers in international journals of solid research, preserve intellectual property rights and comply with scientific research ethics through the units it includes, which include the Scientific Committee, the Research and Development and Innovation Unit, the Graduate Studies Unit, and the Intellectual Property and Patent Unit.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Strengthen scientific partnerships with universities and research centers.
  • Monitor the department’s affiliated units and committees and review their recommendations and forward them to the Dean upon authorization.
  • Prepare and Develop Annual reports to include achievements and development proposals/improvement action plans and submit them to Dean
  • Supervise the development and improvement of Postgraduate Programs and recommend the authorization of new programs that meet labor market demands and national trends and goals.
  • Oversee the process of providing a stimulating research environment, developing research capacities of faculty members, and enhancing research outputs and scientific publications.
  • Develop policies, procedures, and regulations that align with the college’s research priorities and support the excellence and creativity of JIC while reinforcing its profile and scientific reputation.

Postgraduate & Scientific Research units

The department's goals are attained through the following units:

Research, Development and Innovation Unit

Scientific Committe

Postgraduate Unit

Intellectual Property and Patent Unit

The Organizational Structure