Sport activities unit

The Sports Activities Unit is one of the units that fall under the Student Affairs Department and is concerned with providing opportunities, to engage in sports activities, and special events that promote healthy active lifestyles, leadership development, social interaction, and educational opportunities. These opportunities exist through programs, services, and facilities that reflect the diverse needs of the Jeddah International College Family.


To provide sports-related instructional, recreational, and competitive programs and activities that promote healthcare embraces the meaning of sportsmanship and teamwork


  • Educate and enhance the appreciation and understanding of students and employees on the sports' importance.
  • Improve students' physical and health well-being and provide customized support and training that harness all the unit resources to assist and develop.
  • Care and concern for gifted students in various sports and work to raise their technical and skill levels.
Sport Activities specialist
Ms. Alhanouf Alotaibi

  Building 3 0570681995

[email protected]

To Contact
Sport trainer
Mr. Mahmood Aleraky

  Building 1 0551891981

[email protected]