Teaching and Learning Development Unit

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Conduct training workshops/lectures/consultation for all faculty members to provide information, feedback and support about the educational process.
  • Revises program learning outcomes assuring proper writing and consistency with NQF, the Saudi
  • Standard classification of Educational levels, disciplines.
  • Allocates program learning outcomes against program courses by using program matrix
  • Align program learning outcomes/ course learning outcomes, teaching methods and assessment methods.
  • Review program reports and specifications.
  • Revise samples of course documents.
  • Supervise measurement of the achievement of the learning outcomes (program and course) for all academic programs.

Unit members

Dr. Suzan Salah Aldeen Alhaj

Ms. Nour Barazi

Ms. Alanoud Al Harbi

Dr. Samaa Badawi

Ms. Rabia Sohail

Ms. Mona Aljedaani

Ms. Wafaa Abu Husein

Ms. Rawan Feda

Ms. Shahad Alsofyani

Ms.Sharifa Theeban

Dr. Wafaa ElKassed