Computer Science & Information Technology

About the department

The Department of Computer Science and Information Technology at Jeddah International College, aims to represent an inspiring model for private education in the field of computing and information technology, by providing a distinguished education related to Jeddah International College style within the framework of Ministry of Education directions, contribute in the achievement of the national aspirations of Kingdom’s vision 2030, pursuit the scientific developments, and meet the renewed needs of the labor market. The department mainly seeks to develop competitive competencies equipped with scientific foundations, technical skills, and ethical and professional values, capable to provide intelligent, secure and reliable computer-based solutions to complex technical problems to meet the business needs, and play a leadership role in the Society development and its civilized advancement. Therefore, the department is committed to recruit highly qualified and distinguished faculty staff, develop its programs academically and technically, improve the teaching, learning and assessment strategies to qualify its students to analyze complex computing problems in the actual environment, design effective computer-based systems, projects and solutions, develop software systems and algorithmic applications, and manage the IT infrastructure.
The Department also seeks to create a stimulating research environment to produce high-ranked scientific papers and patents that contribute to the development of society, enrich knowledge and improve the lifestyle. In addition, the department strives to strengthen the college’ social responsibility by building effective and sustainable community partnership.


A distinguished academic and professional entity in developing competitive competencies capable to provide intelligent, secure and reliable computer-based solutions, producing innovative scientific research, and contributing to an effective community partnership.


Information Technology

Computer Science

Credit hours:

132 hours

Study language:



4 years

Average fees for 15 credit hours per semester:

24000 SR

Tuition fees:

1600 SR / HOUR

Mode Of Study:


Mode Of Learning:

Theoretical and Practical

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