Scientific Committee

Committee members

The duties

The duties of the committees are as follows:

  • Ensure the requirements for faculty’s academic promotion are met and referred thereafter to the Dean to be approved in College Council for submission to Governmental University’s Scientific Council.
  • Attract and recruit distinguished faculty members for the various academic disciplines and departments, ensuring recruitment requirements are met and recommending faculty member appointments according to established procedures. Taking into consideration the following:
  • Recommend the approval of new academic programs and the development of current ones according to established procedures.
  • Recommend the conduct of scientific conferences and specialized seminars.
  • Establish the requirements for postgraduate admission in accordance with MOE regulations and make recommendations for approval to the Dean.
  • Authorize the postgraduate admitted students to list to be sent to the Dean for approval
  • Authorize the postgraduate graduated students to list to be sent to the Dean for approval
  • Develop a comprehensive guide for faculty members' patents at the college, which should be included in the executive rules of the unified regulations for scientific research at the college upon obtaining the approval from the Dean.
  • Recommend the issuance of the college scientific journal.
  • Review issues referred by the Dean or College Council.

Committee members

Dr. Nadine Akkari

Prof. Mostafa Nofal

Dr. Samaa Badawi

Dr. Ahmed Hammad

Prof.Eman Ahmed