Leaning Resources & E-leaning Unit

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Formulate philosophy, goals, objectives and policies of library operation and services to meet the needs of students, faculty, personnel and other library patrons to improve library services and operations. 
  • Develop plans and procedures to achieve long range goals and objectives, determine objectives and set priorities and apply effective procedures to evaluate accomplishment of goals and objectives. 
  • Evaluate library operations and services yearly. 
  • Recommend library budget based upon documented programs needs, estimated enrolment, personnel and other fiscal needs. 
  • Use effective methods in the recruitment, screening, selection, assignment, orientation and evaluation of the library staff. 

Unit members

Dr. Nadine Akkari

Eng. Omar Alheraki

Ms. Doha Nsour

Mr. Mohammed Ishaque

Dr. Hassan Mousa

Ms. Abeer Alharthi

Ms. Farah Bukhari

Dr. Wafaa ElKassed