English Language Centre

English Language Centre

The English Language Centre aims to empower learners with English language proficiency and study skills through innovative learning techniques, quality instruction and a creative learning environment to fully participate in the college community and advance their academic and professional potential.

The Centre is characterized by the following:

A focus on all language skills

Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking, Vocabulary & Grammar

400 hours directly

with teachers certified by the University of Cambridge

The number of weekly study hours is divided as follows:

  • 25 hours of in-person classes
  • 5 hours of self-study

4 counselling sessions

for each student

16 weeks

The duration of each level is 16 weeks / one full semester

The total number of hours is 500 divided into:

  • 400 hours of lessons
  • 100 hours of self-study

A focus on learning skills

Communication, Problem-solving, Time management, Organizational skills, & Collaboration

The 5-hour study day is divided into

  • 2.5 hours for reading and writing skills
  • 2.5 hours for speaking and listening skill

Extra hours of self-study exercises using:

  • Multiple interactive applications
  • E-Learning websites

The Academic English Centre is for those who aspire to

Improve their English for academic purposes

Complete their studies in private or foreign universities

Raise their score on the TOEFL and IELTS test

Service Procedures

  • Students take a placement test to determine their level.
  • he first placement test is to determine whether the student is level 1 or 2.
  • If the student’s level is higher than level 2, they take a second placement test to decide whether they are in level 3 or should be waived.
Applicants to ELC need to score the following to be admitted: Below is the score required for each level:
Level CEFR CPT Oxford TOEFL iBT IELTS Linguaskill Notes
Direct to Major (Freshman) B1 40+ Must do Linguaskill 61 +Must do Linguaskill 35+ 5 +(in all four skills) 140+ /B1(No less than 130/A2 in all four skills) If the test is not IELTS or TOEFL, Ss must do Linguaskill.
ELC Level 3 High A2 25-39 41-60 Must do writing task B 32 – 34 4.5 130-139 Use Task B questions. They must meet the criteria specified below.
ELC Level 2 Higher A1 Low A2 15-24 12-40 Must do writing Task A 0-31 4 110-129 Use Task A questions. They must meet the criteria specified below.
ELC Level 1 Pre-A1 – lower A1 0-14 0.1-11 No need for a writing test NA NA Less than 110 No need for a writing test
Faculty Members
  • Ms. Nour Barazi

    Head of English Language Center

    Ms Nour Barazi has been in the field of ELT for over 20 years, including 10 years in ELT Management and 8 years as a CELTA Tutor. She holds an MA in TESOL from the University of Nottingham, as well as other international qualifications.

  • Ms. Halah Bajnaid

    English Instructor

    Ms. Halah Bajnaid is an English language teacher with more than 10 years of teaching experience in the ESL world. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree from KAU, and she is currently in the process of obtaining her MBA. She is TEFL certified and has many other qualifications as well.

  • Mr. Muhammad Hifni

    English Instructor

    Mr. Muhammad Abu-Bakr is a Cambridge CELTA and Delta qualified teacher. He has been in the field of ELT for more than 17 years and taught general English, academic, and ESP courses, as well as providing professional coaching programs for businesses.

  • Mr. Ahmed Mahmoud Zidan

    English Instructor

    Mr. Ahmed Zaidan holds a bachelor’s degree in English literature from Cairo University and has more than 23 years of experience as an ESL teacher. He has helped learners of all backgrounds unlock the door to effective communication in English.

  • Mr. Muhammad Shujaat

    English Instructor

    Mr Muhammad Shujaat has taught English for specific purposes and IELTS for the past 14 years in the KSA. He holds an MA, a BEd, a Cambridge CELTA, a Delta, and a TKT. He is a certified trainer with TtT and has presented at international forums such as KSAALT, TESOL Arabia, and IATEFL. His additional interests are teaching EAP and IELTS online.

  • Ms. Fatma Khattab

    English Instructor

    Ms Fatma Khattab has worked in the field of ELT for 15 years, which includes training, teaching and management in the field of education. She earned a BA in English Literature and an MA in MBA.

  • Ms. Bashayer Alothman

    English Instructor

    Ms Bashayer Alothman has been in the field of English language teaching for 10 years, equipped with a BA in English, CELTA, and experience teaching multiple curriculums and exam skills like IELTS, Linguaskill, CEPT, TOEFL, PET, STEP and APTIS.

  • Ms. Sarah Al-Otaibi

    English Instructor

    Ms. Sarah Al-Otaibi holds an MA in TESOL from King Abdul-Aziz University and is CELTA-certified. She has 4 years of experience teaching English at a university level.

  • Ms. Hiba Sultan

    English Instructor

    Ms. Hiba A.M. Sultan is a CELTA certified English Instructor with 8 years of expertise teaching General, Academic, Medical, Business, and Legal English. She is also skilled in training for STEP, IELTS, and TOEFL exams.

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