Schedules and Exam unit

The duties of the unit:

  • Preparing the schedules of courses each semester.
  • Solving the problems of course conflicts.
  • Preparing the list of proposed courses, and approving it from the heads of departments.
  • Determining the timing of lectures and assigning the instructors for each course in coordination with department.
  • Organizing exams according to the highest quality standards to achieve the targeted educational outcomes.
  • Developing the exam mechanism & general supervision of the exams in coordination with the departments.
  • Preparing the final exam schedules.
  • Preparing invigilator schedules for the exams.
  • Organizing examination rooms and monitoring exam process.
  • Follow up the progress of the examination process and provide the student with the appropriate and comfortable atmosphere in the examinations
  • Archiving the papers of the final exam.