Information Technology


The IT program aims to create competitive competencies equipped with scientific foundations, technical skills, as well as ethical and professional values, that enable them to design, build and administer the digital infrastructure, and develop smart solutions to protect from cyberthreats, as well as analyze systems, identify customer needs, and apply cybersecurity mechanisms, in addition to playing a leading role in the development of society and its civilizational advancement. The program provides students with skills to store, protect, automate, transfer and retrieve information in a confidential and integrity way, as well as design and develop digital systems and applications in accordance with scientific foundations and technical standards.
The program offers several tracks, including the cybersecurity track that qualifies its graduates with scientific foundations and professional way to protect information networks ahd infrastructure from cyber attacks, maintain confidentiality and integrity, secure and authenticate electronic transactions, and minimize thefts and cybercrime. In addition, the networking track cares with deeply and comprehensivly study of the basic components of computer networks, mobile networks, wireless networks and cloud computing systems.


Qualifing competitive competencies with scientific foundations, technical skills, ethical values and professional standards for developing and admistering digital infrastructure and securing its transactions, in addition to pursuing research, and contributing to an effective community partnership.


Technical competency

  • Analyze complex digital problems according to technical standards, determine computer-mediated solution requirements, and develop the most appropriate scenarios for their implementation.
  • Design, implement and evaluate computing-based solutions and systems that meet the needs and integrate them into the user’s environment.

Values- and professional-commitment

  • Commitment to professional standards, ethical values, legal regulations and social conventions.
  • Moral courage in bearing professional, legal and social responsibilities in the professional context.

Positive personality

  • Work individually without supervision, and easily integrate in a team to achieve common goals.
  • Effective professional and social communication with others, orally, in writing and electronically, while possessing dialogue and convincing skills.

The Influential character

  • Possess the skills of logical analysis, critical thinking, problem-solving, and information-based decision making.
  • Engage in self and continuous learning, commitment to professional development, and enhance research capability in the field of specialization.
  • Self-confident, proactive, adaptable and capable to commence entrepreneurship.

Career opportunities

Common IT careers include:
• Cloud Architect
• Computer Forensic Investigators
• Information Security
• Mobile Application Developers
• Data Modeler
• Software Developers
• Web Developers
• Computer Network Architect
• Cyber Systems and Network Security
• Data Management and Analytics
• IT Entrepreneurship and Management


  1. The student must have obtained at least 80% in the high school certificate (science track) or its equivalent 
  2. The Certificate Equivalency Letter from the Ministry of Education must be provided in case the student obtained a high school certificate from outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  3. The student must not be registered in another university or college.
  4. The student must pass the English placement test and any other tests determined by the college as one of the admission requirements.
  5. The student must be medically fit.



Cyber Security

Computer Networks

Credit Hours:

132 hours

Study Language:



4 years

Average fees for 15 credit hours per semester:

24000 SR

Tuition fees:

1600 SR / HOUR

Mode Of Study:


Mode Of Learning:

Theoretical and Practical

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