Business Administration


The Business Department in JIC was established in 2015 and offers undergraduate degree programs in multiple areas in business to both male and female students. Since then, the Business Department has grown steadily due to the high demand for the programs offered.

The Bachelor program offered by the business department combines theoretical knowledge with practical skills required in the job market. Our graduates possess both the knowledge as well as the necessary skills that enable them to thrive in their profession. 


To enhance the potential of students and create value for businesses and society through educational activities that lead to professional success, innovation and the enrichment of knowledge.


Marketing & International Business Administration

Accounting & Financea

Faculty members

dr.Nabil Tarifi

Head of Business

Mr. Hassan Mousa

Faculty Member

Dr. Ahmed Hammad

Head of General Courses

dr.Umar Idris

Faculty Member

Dr.Hossam Sharawi

Faculty Member

Mr. Sultan Sabr

Faculty Member

Ms. Rabia Sohail

Faculty Member

dr.Abeer Qara

Faculty Member

Ms. Swmaih Almarashi

Faculty Member

PhD.Eman Ahmed

Faculty Member

Ms. Ahad Alkhaldi

Faculty Member

dr.Bayan Bantan

Faculty Member

Ms.Henda Matoussi

Faculty Member

Dr.Nadin Almadni

Faculty Member

Ms.Dana Rajkhan

Faculty Member

Ms.Duha Kurde

Faculty Member

Ms.Sharifa Theeban

Faculty Member

Credit hours:

132 hours

Study language:



4 years

Average fees for 15 credit hours per semester:

24000 SR

Tuition fees:

1600 SR / HOUR

Mode Of Study:


Mode Of Learning:

Theoretical and Practical

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