Psychological & social counseling unit

The Psychological and Social Counseling Unit is one of the units affiliated with Student Affairs. The aim of establishing the unit is to provide psychological services to college students with the aim of contributing to the creation of an attractive environment that enhances their harmony with academic life and assists them with their goals to pursue and gain their active participation in the development of their country and our belief in the importance of Psychological and social counseling in the life of university students in order to help them overcome the challenges they face during their study period. The Psychological and Social Counseling Unit was established with the aim of providing counseling, psychological, social, and educational services within a future vision that is keen on the quality of the educational environment.


Striving to achieve psychological compatibility and enhance moral values and quality of education by providing distinguished psychological counseling services to students that address their needs and enable them to deal with the university environment and its requirements and maintain the quality of education.


  • Provide support for students to deal with the challenges they face.
  • Provide counseling services to students according to flexible and confidential procedures.
  • Help students adapt and adapt to the requirements of academic life.
  • Establish a number of activities that would support aspects of preventive, therapeutic and constructive psychological counseling.
  • Spread awareness of mental health among students and in the university environment.
  • Study the various psychological, social, and behavioral problems that hinder students’ adaptation and integration into society, and finding appropriate solutions to them in accordance with professional standards.
  • Clarify the nature of his/her work to the administration, faculty and students since the beginning of the academic year.
  • Collect information about students, then organizing it through the student's counseling record, conducting individual interviews for students, and providing them with consultations.
  • Follow up on academic achievement and work to increase motivation for achievement among students.
  • Vocational and educational guidance, hold seminars and lectures, and prepare brochures.
  • Follow-up academic activities as a preventive and therapeutic method for individual cases that he/she deals with.
Psychologist and Behavioral Specialist
Ms. Raghdah Alzahrani

  Building 3

92003342 – 1163

[email protected]

To Contact
Dr. Mohammed ALJohani

  Building 1

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