General Sciences Department


The Department of General Sciences is the cornerstone for the tracks of business, computer science and information technology and design, as well as the industrial engineering track. It is the main pillar that clarifies the scientific basics and facilitates the understanding of many scientific theories and applications in your advanced studies in university disciplines. In order to rise to an integrated academic level, a set of scientific courses have been developed in mathematics, physics, statistics and chemistry, which are offered by a selection of the best qualified scientific cadres from faculty members and lecturers to provide the maximum degree of scientific knowledge to lead you to leadership and excellence.


Continuous development of the content of basic courses, creativity in designing and producing them, and upgrading their teaching methods


  • Preparing students scientifically in basic science courses to continue their university studies.
  • Develop students’ abilities with the basic information and knowledge that they learn through the curriculum.
  • Updating basic science curricula, in coordination with academic departments, including specialized departments.
  • Develop students’ abilities to solve problems using scientific methods.

Faculty members

  • Dr. Ahmed Hammad

    Head of General Sciences - Associate Professor

    Head of General Sciences Dept. and Academic Affairs, Professional with experience in leading design of various R&D projects Research Interests Solid State Physics, Material Sciences, Metallurgy, Nanotechnology

  • Prof.Eman Ahmed


    Professor of Mathematical Statistics with research interests in modeling using statistical methods and global codes such as Monte Carlo simulations and data analysis.

  • Dr. Abeer Qara

    Assistant professor

    Doctorate in Islamic Studies Assistant professor teaching Islamic culture Member of the Intellectual Awareness Unit Preparing Quranic competitions in Arabic Work on research and publish it in the magazine

  • Ms. Swmaih Almarashi


    Mathematics Lecturer Research Interest Calculus, Special Function, Schure-Weyl Duality Theorem and Representation Theory of Finite Groups

  • Ms. Ahad Alkhaldi


    Master in Arabic language teaching methods and curricula Arabic lecturer Research interests: difficulties of teaching Arabic, needs of the Arabic language teacher, models of teaching Arabic for different school stages

  • Ms. Duha Kurdi


    Mathematics Lecturer Research Interest Modeling survival data of lung cancer

  • Ms.Sharifa Theeban


    Lecturer in Chemistry Research Interests: Antitumor Activity – Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Education – Plant Compounds Against COVID-19.

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