Impact of COVID – 19 Pandemic on Teaching Strategy methods among Students in higher education Institutions in Jeddah City.

Researcher:  Ms. Sharifa Theeban


During the COVID-19 pandemic, most learning strategies have been transitioned to an online setting across the world. Students and teachers who previously relied on traditional learning are now confronted with a new challenge. This dramatic adjustment may have an impact on their teaching strategy methods, learning habits, and willingness to embrace the change. A descriptive cross sectional online survey was used among students in selected higher education institutes in Jeddah city. The intended aim of this study was to assess the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on selecting teaching strategy methods and to measure the students’ perceptions. Using the Non-Probability Snowball Sample technique, 220 student participants were chosen, and the results were then analyzed using the SPSS program. According to the students’ results of the survey, although the participant faces difficulties from the virtual transition classes (42.7%), the teaching strategy in online transition seems to be more beneficial in the future and it will continue after COVID- 19 with (65.5%) of student’s approval. Overall, the modern teaching strategy methods that have been measured on students in Jeddah city demonstrated a highly positive impact in higher education institutions.