Jeddah International College Initiative on World Poverty Eradication Day


As part of the center for community service and continuing education at Jeddah International College to open up broad and new horizons in the serviceof the community and seek to meet the needs of its members in various aspects of life. Based on its role, we were pleased to cooperate with the initiatives of the Manal Happiness Council to delight society: to help them with the help
of the needy and the needy in our society to be overwhelmed by the joy of giving in the hands of generosity and instilling happiness in their hearts and a smile on their lives by helping them and covering their needs on the occasion of
"WorldDay ofPoverty Eradication", where material and in-kind donations were processed according to the needs of the families concerned, and then Go down the field for our volunteer students and visit the families who are tired to make donations according to the needs of eachfamily, in an effort to leave the good impact and establish a culture of giving.