Progress on microstructure features and creep properties ofprospective Tin-Silver-Zinc alloy using a magneticfield

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Researcher: Dr. Ahmed Hammad


In the current work, applying a rotating magneticfield(RMF)is an innovative approach to improvethe microstructure features and creep resistance of Sn-2.0Ag-2.0Zn(SAZ)alloy. The results revealedthat RMF does not change intermetallic compounds(IMCs)constituents furthermore SAZ alloy withapplying a magneticfield(SAZ-B)exhibited microstructure refinement and homogeneous distribu-tion of IMCs. Moreover, SAZ-B displayed more creep resistance(∼366%)and greater creep rupturetime(∼56.4%)than those of SAZ alloy. These results have great implications in improving the alloy’sperformance for industrial applications.