Seminar on “AI and the Future of Engineering”

Seminar on “AI and the Future of Engineering”
– Time: February 13th, 2024, 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM
– Place: Auditorium of the male section

Seminar Brief:
The MathWorks Academic Team will present new tools available in MATLAB for education and research. Attendees will learn about the AI workflow in MATLAB and how engineers and researchers implement complex solutions in one environment.

Session Highlights:
1. Electrification
2. Autonomous Systems
3. AI workflow
4. New tools in MATLAB and Simulink

– Seminar participants will not work on their laptops; this is a demo session, and everything will be shown on screen.
– Participants will receive a digital certificate of participation from MathWorks, and the content will be emailed after filling out a post-event survey.
– This seminar is for 4th-year and 3rd-year students, as well as faculty from the Computer Science/IT and Industrial Engineering departments.
– Attendance will be taken during the seminar.