Workshop – Enhancing Student Learning Experiences.

A workshop titled “Enhancement of students learning Experiences” was successfully conducted at the college.

The workshop was organized in collaboration between the Teaching and Learning Development Unit and the Academic Program Development Unit.

The workshop focused on improving the quality of student’s learning experiences through clear learning outcomes identification and ensuring curriculum alignment and accurate assessment practices to measure achievements.

A large number of professors and faculty members interested in improving the students’ learning experiences participated in the workshop.

The workshop took place in the college theater on July 4, 2023, and lasted for an hour and a half.

A variety of important topics related to enhancing student learning experiences were addressed during the workshop.

Dr. Wafa Alqasid, the head of the Teaching and Learning Development Unit and the head of the Academic Program Development Unit, delivered the workshop, highlighting the importance of achieving an optimal balance between educational outcomes, curriculum, and assessment practices.

This workshop provides a valuable opportunity to enhance student learning experiences and improve the quality of their education.

We hope that this workshop will leave a positive impact on student’s learning experiences and contribute to achieving more effective and distinguished learning outcomes.